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My Bio, Certifications & Licences

    Kalee Coombs has been working with sound and music as meditation for 6 years. Kalee grew up in the woods of Maine, where she formed a special relationship with the trees, birds, and natural harmonics of nature. As an empathic sensitive and classically trained singer, Kalee began exploring the effect of music, sound, frequency and intent on states of consciousness and emotion and later holding Crystal Singing Bowls concerts and workshops. Kalee attended the Psychic Horizon School of Meditation and Healing for three years and received her Sound Healer Certificate at The Sound Institute of San Francisco in 2010. Kalee currently resides in Portland, Maine, exploring the ways in which intentional sound be can used to benefit all in society.

From Me

"Our universe is pulsating with infinite vibrations of information. What frequency are you tuning into?"


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e-mail: kalee@spamusic.org
website: www.spamusic.org

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 Kalee Coombs



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